Monday, July 29, 2013

So!!!!! Welcome to my daily sketch blog...."Gettin' ahead". I named it this because I have been at a stable point in my career and have not changed much in years. I suppose it has its benefits in so many ways but alas I have started the fire of change. My background as a professional illustrator has stretched over 15 years and shows no sign of stopping. I have focused in my professional career on apparel and advertising art. My hobby art has always been character driven and whimsical. This blog will be an exercise in how I can get where I would like to be as an artist and as a person. I am sure this will be the start of something wonderfully hard and rewarding. Off to the races!!!!!!
Here we go!
These first group of sketches were started this weekend...lets say that I wanted to create en exercise to stretch my character creation abilities. This is a collection of 5-10 minute sketches. I only allowed myself 5-10 minutes for the piece. Once complete...I moved on! I will do one of these every chance I get( 5-10 minutes of course). I hope to do these for a while and maybe assemble them as a reference book later. Enjoy!!!!

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